Thursday, August 14, 2014

What We Expect From Ron Johnsons

Progress and reason from this one;  
FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) - The Missouri Highway Patrol seized control of a St. Louis suburb Thursday, stripping local police of their law-enforcement authority after four days of clashes between officers in riot gear and furious crowds protesting the death of an unarmed black teen shot by an officer.
The intervention, ordered by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, came as President Barack Obama spoke publicly for the first time about Saturday's fatal shooting of Michael Brown and the subsequent violence that shocked the nation and threatened to tear apart Ferguson, a town that is nearly 70 percent black patrolled by a nearly all-white police force... 
After a particularly violent Wednesday night, Nixon said local police would no longer be in charge of the area, although they would still be present. He said Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, who is black, would be in command.
From this one, nothing: 
Joining with his Republican Senate colleagues, [US Sen. Ron] Johnson recently voted against allowing action on a bill by authored by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and sponsored by Sen. Tammy Baldwin to allow student loans to be refinanced.


A. Wag said...

Sleezier than the cheap motel chain he's named for.

A said...

What we expect is a cheap sleep, and a case of bed bugs to deal with when we get home. Magic Fingers still $.50.

You know the old political saying. . . when you lie down with Johnson, you get up with fleas.