Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bill Kaplan's Solid Column On Walker, The Mine And $700,000

That formerly-secret $700,000 mining company donation mysteriously steered to Scott Walker's recall campaign, about which he said he knew nothing, is a scandal that brings Watergate's (Walkergate) dirty money to mind.

It's the subject of a strong piece by Washington, DC-based columnist Bill Kaplan, so note to the Walkerites - - the issue isn't going away even if Walker says he knew nothing about it - - to the best of his knowledge.

And thanks to Kaplan for the shout-out:
Wisconsin icons for clean government and protecting the environment such as Democratic Gov./U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson and writer/raconteur George Vukelich would have been outraged and repulsed by Walker's shenanigans. 
Fortunately, longtime distinguished journalist Jim Rowen has covered Gogebic's proposal for a massive iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin.  
Rowen, on his blog, "Political Environment", has been dogged, relentless and scrupulously factual in outlining why the mine will be disastrous: Gogebic and Walker worked together to successfully eviscerate longstanding bipartisan environmental protections.

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Nick VanderPuy said...

Any legislator or writer who pretends he/she didn't know what was going on with GTAC is full of kucka.