Thursday, August 14, 2014

When "Aiming Big" Means Failing Big

[Updated 7:37 p.m.] Wrong-Way Walker says he shouldn't be penalized for "aiming big" while only meeting 40% of his signature and unprompted 250,000-new jobs 2010 and 2012 campaign promise.

He says he will soon be running an ad showing real people who are among the 40%, though he will not reveal their ID's - - since the last time he put a person in that kind of ad it turned out to be a working Russian. In Russia.

So until the ad comes out - - and we do credit Walker with yet another evasion of responsibility ducking the failure of his jobs' promise - -  we went out and found some situations where Walker's wrong-headed promise-fulfillment standard could also be applied.

Place kicker to coach: I've fine-tuned my technique. Aiming big.

  Coach: So what. You're only making 40% of your field goals.

* Climber to guide: Wow. The view! Take my picture now.

  Guide:  You're not even halfway to the summit.

* MLB manager to GM: Let's talk contract renewal.

  GM: Seriously? Your won-loss record is 65-97.

* Customer to body shop: Picking up my repainted car today. How's it look?

  Mechanic:  Well, our patented Aims Big system only covers 40% of the body.

* Sales rep to manager: I'm here for my annual bonus. I aimed big this year.

  Manager: You're joking, right? You set the sales target, but made only 40%.

Patient to oral surgeon: Did you get all the abcess?

   Oral surgeon: I use the state-of-the-art Aims Big drill. It leaves 60% behind.

* Parent to child: So let's see that math final.

  Child: I only got a 40. But don't worry. I'm still aiming big.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blog, but don't really know if giving Walker a new nickname is worth it. Is it catching on somewhere I don't know about?

Say What? said...

It's a catchy phrase - I like it . WRONG WAY WALKER - like heading down the wrong way on a freeway ramp. A disaster waiting.