Saturday, August 16, 2014

Three Things I Like About Craig Gilbert's Grothman Story

*  First of all, I was glad to see the Sunday Journal Sentinel and Craig Gilbert focusing on Tea Party Congressional candidate Glenn Grothman's radical eccentricities.

*  The more references to Grothman as Michele Bachmann-in-waiting, the better:
Because Grothman “may be Wisconsin’s answer to Michele Bachmann, and GOP operatives’ worst nightmare,” [Cook report writer David]  Wasserman wrote this summer in handicapping the race. The 59-year-old lawmaker is arguably the most outspoken conservative in the Wisconsin Senate. And he is outspoken on the kinds of social issues — lifestyle and culture, abortion, gay marriage — that most Republicans are trying to avoid these days for fear of alienating moderates, women and younger voters.
Grothman has attacked Kwanzaa as an “inept attempt to create a holiday for African-Americans” and urged people to treat it “with the contempt it deserves.” He introduced a bill requiring a state board to list single parenthood as a contributor to child abuse. He has argued that excessive welfare benefits are destroying the family and putting the nation on a path to “suicide.” He says the government is conducting a “war on men” by encouraging companies to promote women ahead of them.
Noted here, and here, too.

*  And props for getting "demonize-able" past copy editors and into print. Though the usage originated in a source's quote, it shows up twice.

Jeez. I'm the guy who lost a fight at the copy desk over "angst."

Maybe as the campaign regresses we'll see the candidate described as "Bachmann-able," and more issues "Grothmanized."

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Anonymous said...

Having seen and taken seriously the urban environment in the recent "Dark Knight" Batman movies, I sincerely hope we do not "Grothman-ize" our cities.