Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rick Perry's Anger Is Understandable, By Scott

You can see why Rick Per1ry is so irked at being indicted.

After all, he was open about what he was going to do to that DA in Travis County, Texas. He said he'd veto a big part of her budget if she didn't quit, and he did just that.

Give him credit for transparency

But there are three things about PerryGate that surely strike him as unfair.

1. Fellow GOP Governor and presidential wannabe Scott Walker has gotten away without charges though secret political work and fund-raising by his staff on public time was going on right under his nose in his County Executive office suite, and also no charges have been filed --  so far - - over secret campaign coordination while Governor with outside groups that prosecutors were zeroing in on until a sympathetic judge suspended the investigation.

2. And there's Chris Christie, yet another fellow GOP Governor and presidential wannabee. He's out there talking up Walker and goofing around on late night TV as if there weren't accusations about secret pay-back political plots being hatched by his staff.

3.  I can't think of the third one. Oops.

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heh, heh. Good one.