Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Walker Fails US Air Quality Plan; US EPA Will Write, Enforce It

The US Clean Air Act requires states to submit action plans.

Walker simply refused to submit one - - clean air, who needs that? - - so the big bad federal government has to come in, fix the mess, write and enforce the plan.

This is exactly what big business wants, and what Walker wanted with a DNR set up principally to serve hunters - - and more shooting ranges planned and funded, now - - and to serve what he said was "a chamber of commerce mentality."

So people with asthma, heart, lung and other difficulties don't suffer needlessly and every one's breathing is freer and cleaner.

He and the DNR already blew off Clean Water mandates, so, again, the EPA has to take charge as it did with clean water compliance.

What a leader.

From the EPA, Friday: (Mainstream media now following story, app. 10 p.m.)
EPA to take over Wis. program for fine particle emissions
Published: Friday, August 8, 2014

U.S. EPA plans to take over part of Wisconsin’s program for reducing fine particle pollution after finding that the state has fallen short in meeting requirements mandated by the Clean Air Act.

Wisconsin failed to submit a complete plan by a July 2012 deadline under the act’s Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) program, EPA said in a pre-publication Federal Register notice.

The program requires that facilities obtain permits before construction or modifications; the permits mandate that the facilities use the “best available” technology to control emissions of harmful pollutants.

EPA said Wisconsin specifically failed to comply with a 2010 rule for determining whether new facilities need to obtain PSD permits for pollution of fine particulate matter, or particles that are less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter. The rule required states to put in place a system of increments mandating that facilities obtain permits if they emit more than the maximum amount of particulate matter allowed in a given area.

As required by the Clean Air Act, EPA will issue its own plan for the incremental permitting program for fine particles in the state within 24 months. The clock will start ticking Monday when EPA publishes the notice in the form of a final rule.

"We have previously alerted Wisconsin through meetings that it has failed to make the submittal by the deadline," EPA said. "Consequently, the state has been on notice that today’s action was pending."

The agency is not imposing any sanctions on Wisconsin.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder Walker refused to be interviewed by the Wisconsin State Journal a week ago on his environmental policies. He also refused to respond to written questions that were provided. Mary Burke accepted the interview request and outlined the positions she would take as governor concerning the environment. Thus far our one trick pony governor appears to have no new plans for Wisconsin or if he does he choses not to share them with the voters. Apparently he prefers to drop "BOMBS" rather than truthfully tell us where he stands on issues. This man feels he is a leader when Wisconsin's environment, education and economy have gone backwards under hi leadership? He actually thinks he should be president of the United States! God bless these United States and especially Wisconsin that this not happen and that his term as governor concludes with the next election, Please.