Saturday, August 30, 2014

Walker's Yard Sale Of Your Property To Begin Post-Election

Like other controversial matters - - the Kenosha casino, Waukesha's Great Lakes water diversion scheme, DNR land sales, pending mega-dairy expansions, the iron mine - - Walker's no-competitive-bid/insider-friendly sell-off of public property will happen in 2015. First up: electrical power plants


Anonymous said...

He'll start dumping assets before he's sworn in if, heaven forbid, he gets re-elected.

nonquixote said...


Nobody I've seen is yet floating the possibility, but making up the projected $281M Republican led, Walker approved revenue shortfall is going to be the perfect excuse for Walker to begin in earnest, the fire sale of WI public assets to his best corporate friends, and in doing so he will undoubtedly claim himself economic savior of WI come June 30, 2015, if he is re-elected.

Might want to feature this possibility as a question in one of your future posts. Looking at where Walker is potentially going with something is as key as explaining what has already happened because of him, predictions that you have correctly made on several issues previously.