Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Petition Warns Against Penokee Hills As Radioactive Dump Site

A reader asks that I post this, and I am glad to to do so. It expands the conversation and raises more awareness about the proposed iron mine's likely damage to the Lake Superior and Bad River watersheds which native tribes are working hard to prevent.

RESCIND ACT 1—a PETITION for PROTECTIONS from mining, nuclear waste & property confiscation

Petition Background (Preamble):

This petition is about alerting Wisconsin, the USA, and global citizens to the dangers of mining WI, and radioactive waste export/import. "WI 2013 ACT 1" mining law 'legally' sets Wisconsin up to become a mining waste land—and an international nuclear waste dump! The proposed Penokee mine (near Native American wild rice and wetland-shores of Lake Superior) would unleash ongoing poisoning from heavy-metal/acid-release and radioactive contamination. 


Jim Limbach said...

For centuries the colonialist/imperialists have been attacking Indigenous People's land and Seventh Generation Ethic. Act 1 is the latest ''legal'' attack. I support any effort to repeal/rescind this immoral and illegal act by Walker/Cline and their band of criminal legislators. While History will be a harsh judge of these people the time to stop them is NOW!

Nick VanderPuy said...

But James think of the jobs we're giving up. Plus, I won't get to use my special Ty Vec suit for the clean up.