Friday, August 29, 2014

'I Do Not Like You, Mainstream Media...'

I do not like you, Mainstream media.
I'm far more happy with Wikipedia.

About me you should be more praisey.
Instead you're incompetent - - flat-out biased and lazy.

MSM's too broad; I should say press.
It once sent love, but now only stress.

I do not like your tone, so dour.
Can't we pretend I'm doing book tour?

Milwaukee papers would show my Harley.
So why so mean now, Patrick Marley?

That's real news, the kind I liked.
When I, Desperado, rode and biked. 

Why so gnarly, so not now nice?
I mean you, Journal Sentinel, but mainly Dan Bice.

I really don't like you, Washington Post.
Implying that soon I could be toast.

And curses on the New York Times.
Implying I might be guilty of crimes.

And charges of funding coordination?
Outrageous newsroom insubordination.

These stories cause panic, my donors say, "Yikes."
Must I move to the studio with Belling or Sykes?

And, yes, I prefer to be with a talker.
Unlike you, Mainstream Media, they respect Scott Walker.

Where's my credit, and why now such a tussle?
Our direction is good - - I've moved past Tim Russell.

Reputations are sullied, it's all been unfair.
Will pay-to-play ever enjoy repair?

The honest reason for Walker's irk
is fresh-faced phenom Mary Burke.

----- Inspired by the news, and a certain SKW.


Say What? said...

Outstanding ! You're a poet!

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Anonymous said...

November 5,2014 - "You won't have Walker to kick around anymore."