Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blogger Who Outed Walker On Income Also Verifies Ugly State Deficit

Props to Jakes's Economic TA Blog for helping prove an outrageous Walker manipulation of income data, and again in a separate posting showing the truth about Walker's failing, deficit-growing economic policies:


Verified- a massive budget deficit in Wisconsin. Who'da thought?

Well, those Wisconsin revenue numbers we’d been waiting on finally dropped today. And as predicted, we’re now looking at a real and growing budget deficit in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin tax collections are more than $281 million short of estimates, nearly 2 percent less than anticipated.

The state Department of Revenue on Thursday released the figures for the fiscal year that ended in June. Those figures show the state collected $281.2 million less than was anticipated by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau in January.
Huh, who could have predicted something like that? 


Jim Bouman said...

Who could have predicted this deficit mess, the writer asks.
Anyone who remembers the bombast of old Red Vest.
Lee Sherman Dreyfus, one- term governor in the era of Reaganism had a nice surplus after his first biennial budget. He--utterly assured in his faith in Ronnie Reagan--sent every Wisconsin taxpayer a refund.
And the next biennium left Lee and all the rest of us in deep deficit merde. He didn't believe there was a downside to Reaganism. Fool!
It was "Bye-bye, gasbag" at re-election time.
Actually, he was an amiable bombast. My son and his grandson played middle infield for their high school team. He could handle the ribbing I'd give him, as we watched games, and come back with some good zingers of his own. He was likable.
Rest in Peace, LSD.
Which is more than I'd ever say about the sleazy BS artist, Scott Walker.
Rest in Pieces, Scotty .

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Aww shucks. Thanks James.

But I'm not doing anything special- the data is all at anyone's fingertips. The real question is why do "bloggers" have to give the truth about that income data and budget deficit? Shouldn't the "professional journalists" be able to do this, given that they're, you know PAID TO DO SO.

Or is it because we're not on payroll. Hmmm.....

James Rowen said...

Amen, Jake.

Gareth said...

Walker and the Cons will fill this deficit the same way they plugged the hole in the highway construction fund, they will borrow the money. Voila, a balanced budget!