Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walker Steps Out Of The Shadows To Complain

[Updated, 11:59 a.m.] The Governor with the legal defense fund who's benefited from a torrent of third-party money, fought the disclosure of emails and other records, had his campaign staff order County employees to gratuitously spin tragedies including the death of a boy in a garage concrete slab collapse and a mental patient through starvation, who hired County employees who set up a secret communications system in his office suite to facilitate anonymous Internet comments, illegal fund-raising, and forbidden campaigning, who now won't release details of his schedule and whereabouts and who cooks and twists and flat-out falsifies statements, data and facts - - this Governor takes umbrage at what he calls "shadowy" behavior by others?


We further note that Walker and his talk from and of the shadows has moved from the politics of finger-pointing to the psychology of projection - - both evasions of responsibility and failures of awareness.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Our rules don't apply to us." 21st Century GOP motto

What a pathetic whiner. You caused this game to be played this way, Scotty. Don't whine when your opponents start beating you at it- even without 9 hours a day of free propaganda on talk radio.

Anonymous said...

I think that should be "PUH-leeze!!"