Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Walker Working Hard To Erase Mining Embarrassment

Go way back, Bucky - - back, back, back before there was the Walker Presidential fantasy fed by big-dollar, Club for Growth opportunism, back before the Wisconsin Governorship was a mere day-dream for Team Walker, back before their years of grind in the falling-down, depressing, politically no-wheresville Milwaukee County Courthouse with all those aggravating Supervisors, low-income taxpayers and social services that didn't lend themselves to peppy, preppy, post-card pretty TV spots.

Yes, Bucky...go back to the lean, dark, dead-end years when Walker was carpool commuting to back-benching irrelevancy in the Assembly, nursing his wounds and big fat grudges over being beaten for the Marquette college presidency, then by Gwen Moore.

Politics for Walker was little more than water-carrying for Tommy Thompson and Scott Jensen - - 'here's how you vote, son' - - and yes, before being discovered by talk radio and Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers there were old-timey consensus votes that had to be taken and which now must be lived down when Dan Bice spreads them across the newspaper:

Like that awful vote opposing toxic mining.

Walker will atone.

But, let's be clear: things happened back then to the Scott Walkers in the Assembly because there just wasn't the money that could have helped a guy make the Right choices if, someday, he wanted to chase after Bigger Brass Rings.

So now he has to live down embarrassing votes that were recorded, but which are now being corrected, because for God's sake, Bucky: there's a New Walker Now, and the system is flush with boatloads of cash that could never have been imagined back in the day.

So trust me, Bucky and Walker backers everywhere.

He's moving in the Right direction now. So while Intolerable mistakes like these were made, they will never happen again:
Now pro-mining, Walker as legislator opposed mining bill

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