Thursday, August 28, 2014

Scott Kardashian

The Walkerites are unsettled today, and with good reason.

Yesterday's Marquette University Law School poll showed their guy - - the career politician, the incumbent Governor with 264% name recognition and bank accounts larger than some nations' cash reserves - - at 50% and two points down among likely voters to the lesser known, lesser-funded challenger, Mary Burke.

Polling may be rocket science, but it's pretty simple to grasp why Wrong Way Walker is on the wrong side of those numbers:

Walker fatigue.


Set aside the likely voters who've gotten the back of his hand for nearly four years: How many times can his supporters go to the well and the wall to defend and save him?

In the last election, Walker successfully spun away from personal staffers and associates who did his bidding and then headed off to jail while he stepped over them for personal glory and better housing at the Governor's Mansion.

Now he's on another opportunistic route to higher office - - again under an ethical cloud - - fighting allegations that he worked secretly and possibly illegally to raise and spend campaign money that negate his repeated claims to transparency and render his 2012 recall election illegitimate.

People are tiring of his fading, phony, failing story lines, and I suspect that even his supporters understand that his principal purpose is without principle, though I won't be surprised if the First Amendment speech-and-association arguments conservatives are making to support his formerly-secret campaign manipulations gets further elevated to the principled status of 'civil disobedience-in-the-face- of-unjust-[campaign finance]-law.

Producing fresh banality on top of celebrity with ubiquity, without credibility - - a Kardashian Kandidate, if you will - - and apologies in advance to Kim and Co., since no one ever asked them to be the K in SKW.

But think about it:

He's got a book. She's got a book.

She's got an Instagram account, and a busy Facebook page, and so does he.

Her Twitter page is filled with trivia and self-promotion, which are not contradictory - - so Walker's is, too.

He's posted close-up photos of his Gille's [Sic] vanilla custard cone and late-night burgers. Twice, lately. Or "Nice 4th inning for the @Brewers." Or posting a smiling picture of himself on a ride seated next to a freaked out State Fair Queen, without a sense of irony, "#SpinCity."

Therein lies the reason for Walker's Wrong Direction polling.

No one wants to go with him to spin city anymore.


A. wag said...

SKW and KK share this too: they are both deeply shallow. Or their shallowness goes marrow-deep.

Anonymous said...

I never did like those Kardashians- they enslaved the Bajorans, tortured Capt. Picard,and collaborated with the Dominion.