Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Major WI Editorial Boards Loathe To Hit Walker On Secret $$

Last Friday's bombshell disclosures about a secret $700,000 mining company donation and additional big-dollar contributions steered through a willing, behind-the-scenes conduit to benefit Scott Walker's recall campaign have yet to prompt comment by the Journal Sentinel editorial board.

Maybe it's on its way. We'll see.

I know that there are limitations on editorial page space, and that some editorials are scheduled in advance. I understand that there are production obstacles to quick editorial comment about news breaking on a Friday afternoon, though I don't see anything yet on the paper's editorial page blog, either.

And let's note that taking one's time didn't spur the Wisconsin State Journal to muster up more than dereliction-of-duty 'they're-all-doing it' editorial criticism today.

To be accurate, the elements of secret campaign advertising and organizational coordination for Walker's benefit that are alleged in the official investigation have not been alleged against anti-Walker efforts.

Boo to the State Journal for insulting readers and voters with false conflation that helps give Walker - - whom the paper endorsed in 2010 - - a pass.

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