Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Waukesha Judge Added To Gun Stupidity

[Updated] In a period when the news about guns in the country has been repeatedly sad, shocking and downright gruesome, let me be the first to suggest to Waukesha County District Court Judge Lloyd V. Carter that he rethink the paean to guns he delivered in a burst of gun-lobby over-thinking a few months ago when he dropped a criminal charge against an Oconomowoc woman who'd left her loaded semi-automatic pistol in a church bathroom. Said Givens:
"A firearm is not an existential threat. It does not come alive and act by itself to menace society."
Well, fine, if there were only one person - - the owner - - in the immediate area code and she knew where it was safely stored?

And if the very people mishandling their firearms were not given a high-falutin' but ultimately illogical philosophical pass by the judge, would we be reading today that the husband of the woman who left her gun in that bathroom left his loaded semi-automatic pistol in a Door County amusement park public men's room.

Didn't know his gun was missing and thought it was "funny" when he found out?

I'd say that the menace to society began on the bench and moved to the bathroom stall.

Will there be a third time that shoots down the judge's theories?


Anonymous said...

Judge Carter's mindset is an existential threat to another gun victim's existence.

Anonymous said...

Parents, don't let your kids go to the restroom alone!

Boxer said...

The article didn't say, but what are those geriatric goofballs doing at a "fun park"? Likely with grandchildren! They are a menace to those grandchildren, themselves, and society as a whole.

If Grandpa Gerry drove his car into a sidewalk crowd, he's surely lose his license and car ownership. These two careless clowns should--at minimum--lose their concealed carry permits and their weapons. And be banned for life from adopting pets.

Mandatory funny-bone exams for misplaced senses of humor. Grandpa doesn't understand what's funny, he IS "funny."

So much personal irresponsibility from the Personal Responsibility crowd.