Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fore! And No Matter How You Slice it... have too much money if this where you putt it:
Senate Republican golf outing
9 a.m.

Black Hawk Country Club,
3606 Blackhawk Drive,

With Special Guests:
Wisconsin Republican State Senators

Registration, Lunch and Practice Range Open at 9:00 AM

Shotgun Start at 10:00 AM

Reception at 3:00 PM


$3,500 Hole Sponsorship and Foursome – Includes Optional Golfing with a Senator.

$1000 per Individual Golfer

Cost includes: Golf, Cart, Lunch, Dinner and Drinks...


Anonymous said...

If you're not a Walker supporter you have to carry the Senator's clubs and wash their balls!

Anonymous said...

And 09/12/'14 is the day oral arguments begin at the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals as to whether or not to continue WI's John Doe/Walker investigation. I'm betting it will be continued. And I hope Randa will be charged with obstruction of justice!

Anonymous said...

If you golf with a Republican Senator you get a score card and a pencil with an erasure. A little cheating here and there doesn't matter.

Boxer said...

We can only hope that "Shotgun Start" means they all shoot at each other for the privilege of starting first.

A. Wag said...

How much per vote?