Monday, August 11, 2014

Walker Watered-Down WI Water Purity Measure, With Media Support

In the wake of the Toledo, Ohio water system contamination from phosphorus-generated toxic algae, The Journal Sentinel ran a substantive report Sunday on similar threats to Wisconsin water.

Lots of good information.

A week ago I reminded readers that Wrong-Way Walker, at the behest of his corporate minders at the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce - - and if you want to see how a full-bore special interest push looks like, check out this WMC broadside - -  killed years of stakeholders' work on consensus rules to reduce phosphorus-generated algae contamination in Wisconsin waters.

The Walkerites jammed a new standard through the Legislature:

20 more years to finish the cleanup.

Note also that the Journal Sentinel editorial board gave the phosphorus rollback a thumbs-up, just as it did on another water-related measure pushed by the Walkerites - - the proposed tar sand crude oil pipeline expansion tripling in the state by an already-troubled, oil spill-happy company.

Such is the divide between news and opinion.

And between public-spirited regulation and private-sector chaff.

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