Sunday, October 7, 2018

3 action steps to slow UN climate disaster prediction

The warning in this Washington Post story is dire:
The world has barely 10 years to get climate change under control, U.N. scientists say
So let's not be paralyzed by despair; instead, let's do what we can, at a minimum, by:

1. Removing climate science obstructionists like Scott Walker and replacing him on Nov. 6th with conservationist and climate change action supporter Tony Evers.

2. Likewise, defeating corporate dirty water carrier AG Brad Schimel in a month and installing in his place Josh Kaul, a strong environmentalist.

3. And making sure in two years that Trump and his entire vipers' nest of corrupted anti-science/coal-burning/air and water polluters
Smoke stacks from a factory.
are run out of power.

And, of course, there are numerous other steps people can take - - driving less, , reducing air conditioning, swapping a vehicle with a combustion engine for one with an electric or hybrid-powered - - to even bigger lifestyle changes, such as relocating closer to a more walkable, transit-served city environment.

But we need leadership which directs public policies will support such changes because a changing planet and our common survival demand it; Walker and his party have been consistent foes of alternative energy, urbanity - - and even went so far as getting the US EPA to relax air pollution rules to accommodate Foxconn's massive daily and annual smokestack emissions in SE Wisconsin. 

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