Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Yet again, a WI hunter fatally releases hound into wolf territory

This time it's a 5-year-old Walker hound, like this one - - 
- - bringing to 17 the number reported to the DNR killed by wolves this year.

Additionally, 14 hounds have been injured in these wolf-dog fights essentially sanctioned by state policy.

Note the reported proximity to another encounter with a wolf which also left a hunting hound dead.

10/06/2018 Douglas 1 dog killed (Walker, female, 5 years)Douglas depredation site Douglas depredation location map [PDF]

As reported with regularity on this blog, hounders in Wisconsin are permitted to let their hunting dogs run off leash, usually after bear and even in known wolf activity areas, and can collect a state payment under an only-in-Wisconsin program of up to $2,500 dog injured or killed by wolves.

Repeat payment collectors, even scofflaws, are eligible for the state-provided, only-in-Wisconsin reimbursements.

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Unknown said...

I am appalled that this activity is being allowed!!!!! Mainly for the dogs & the wolves... where is the common sense to put a stop to this? How absolutely horrible!!!