Thursday, October 18, 2018

Walker's 8-year war on Wisconsin's environment: Part 5, wolves, blood & dogs.

This 21-part retrospective series I'd promised will run with daily updates, ending prior to the Nov. 6 election. This is Part 5. There is also a link at the bottom of each installment to the previous day's post.
Between 2012-2014, the DNR implemented a wolf hunting season enthusiastically promoted by legislators like Republican State Rep. Joel Kleefisch who are in thrall to various well-heeled and politically-active so-called 'sportsmen' lobbies.

Like the deer herd and other Wisconsin wildlife, these animals belong to no person or group, but are part of the state's trust that the DNR is supposed to approach scientifically as stewards for all the people of the state. 

But Kleefisch and his allies got their way, and the result was a slaughter so ugly - - most wolves were killed with single shots to the head while snared in leg traps - - that a federal judge after the 2014 season re-listed the grey wolf as a protected species' to rein in poorly-'managed' wolf hunts like Wisconsin's.

Perhaps the DNR's allowing the killing to exceed its own so-called 'quotas' played a role in the federal court's finally saying, 'enough.'
Wisconsin is killing its wolves 
There remain lingering, bloody legacies in the form of only-in-Wisconsin $2,500 per-hound payments from the DNR to bear hunters who let their dogs run off-leash into fatal encounters with the larger, very territorial wolves.

Repeat payment collectors can continue to make new claims, as can documented scofflaws.

And there is continuing pressure to reinstate the wolf hunt, even without limits, so boosting the madness into poaching status.

Other cruel 'training' practices remain legal in WI, too.

As to Walker:

He's on the record wanting what he called a successful 'harvest' brought back, hiding the brutal realities of leg traps and head shots behind sanitized language.

But let's also remember that Walker was so eager to please this particular part of the hunting bloc that he suggested lowering the already-meager wolf killing permit from $100 to a mere $50 before the shameful business was again outlawed.
* December 20, 2013:
Wisconsin DNR says 15 of 234 kills were aided by dogs
Those numbers - - 234 total, of which 15 were aided by dogs - - represent wolves registered with the DNR in the current hunting season as of Dec. 19th, the agency said today in response to my email inquiry.
Wisconsin is the only US state to sanction the use of dogs in wolf hunting; a challenge to that part of state law by humane societies is pending in state appellate court.
The current wolf hunting season is ongoing in one NW Wisconsin zone. Dogs were first allowed on Dec. 2.
The allowable kill this season statewide is 251, up from 117 last year. 
This was Part 4, updated on Wednesday, October 18, 2018.

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Anonymous said...

PROPAGANDA ALERT: MJS providing another false "octover surprise":

Just like in 2014, Walker is throwing around the word "plagerized" and his BFF is now catapulting this lie across the state as if this was somehow an issue of integrity.

In 2014, the lie was entirely false -- a consultant used the same language in a report that the consultant has created and used in another report in another state. By definition, you cannot plagerize yourself -- the attack on Mary Burke was unfair, dishonest, untrue, but entirely avoidable. She was not ready to handle this issue.

Likewise, there is nothing illegal or immoral in anything Evers has used, however, MJS want to re-elect Scott Walker again (like they have always done) and they are not playing the same dishonest semantics they used in 2014 -- all because Scott Walker has said so.

This is yet another avoidable mistake -- but don't fall for this! Also -- remember that when you spend a dime with Gannet or any of Wisocnsin's right wing media echo-chamber, you are supporting the re-election of Scott Walker.

Shame on MJS for falsely proclaiming another "october surprise" based on lies and innuendo. We all knew the fix was in when Marquette Law Poll declared Walker was now up by 1. To steal this electon, they need to create the narrative and now they have it:

1. MPL said Walker was slightly ahead

2. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel catapults the propaganda

We know that election systems were breached in 2016 and those that actually studied the data know that the results of the recall and 2014 do not stand up to scrutiny. MJS just told us the fix is in.