Tuesday, October 2, 2018

WI won't showcase diversions, FUBAR climate policies, at Great Lakes session

What luck!

The Annual Meeting of the Great Lakes Commission has opened in Indianapolis, a reasonable drive from Madison, giving Wisconsin's representative or delegation a chance to update all the member states and Canadian provinces on two of Wisconsin's five Lake Michigan diversions.
Lake Michigan
Like the one recently fast-tracked for Foxconn. Here is a full Foxconn archive.

And an earlier one authorized for Pleasant Prairie that somehow grew larger than what was first approved without the full consent of the Governors at the time.

Wisconsin could also update the others about how its climate change denial and cutbacks in science staffing fed right into this summer's flooding that seemed to have caught the state off-guard or disinterested.

I did check the Commission agenda, but found no Wisconsin presentation, but it could go with this 8"35 a.m. session Wednesday:

FEMA: Emerging Thoughts on Pre-Disaster Preparedness/Resiliency Planning in the Great Lakes Region
There's still time for Walker to jump on the state plane and get there. 

He's got a big story to tell - - details, here - - about the skyrocketing numbers of polluted Wisconsin waterways during Walker's tenure that flow into the Great Lakes, the tens of thousands of wetland acres recently opened for donors and development, and groundwater running brown near expanding, less-regulated CAFOs.

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