Tuesday, October 2, 2018

GOP's cold feet over subsidy for K-C Cold Springs plant.

[Update - - We subsequently discover that the GOP is indeed scheduling its special session six days after the election, with a phony 'hearing' that same day.] 

There's trouble in FitzWalkerStan, where both Walker and the Fitz
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
have seen the continuing negative polling on subsidies for Foxconn
The Marquette survey of 800 registered voters found 46 percent of respondents believe the multi-billion-dollar state incentives package for Foxconn isn't worth it, while only 40 percent said the aid will pay off. Nearly two-thirds of voters polled around Wisconsin predicted their local businesses won't benefit.
And are putting a similar deal for Kimberly-Clark on hold.

Kimberly-Clark is said to withdraw its demand for a big subsidy by 9/30, though this clunky headline doesn't get to the political heart of the matter:
Kimberly-Clark decides to wait on Cold Springs decision 
Better headline:
Chill the K-C/Foxconn 2.0 money talk until after the election 

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Anonymous said...

do people realize Kimberly Clark has not one dollar in state taxes the past 5 years?