Thursday, October 18, 2018

Walker pushed dairy growth, now there's too little dairy income

Walker is always ready to Tweet-show you his fondness

for Wisconsin dairy products, but that's about as far as his expertise goes.

While he's been busy funding dairy growth in Wisconsin,

you won't find him showcasing or tweeting about that expansion's multiple negative consequencesincluding:

* Small producers being driven out of business.

* Greater insider-control of groundwater and repetitive manure overflows from increasingly-less-regulated Wisconsin operations.

*  Depressed farm income traced to "the overwhelming supply of milk being witnessed across the upper Midwest and outlying areas," 
according to a recent industry report with a Wisconsin focus.

No one is winning here except Big Dairy, a Walker booster.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder Scott Walker posts pictures of melting ice cream. Under his watch, Wisconsin dairying is melting and more farms have gone out of business in Western Wisconsin then any other area in America -- all under Scott Walker's watch.

But remember, Scott Walker is the moron that thinks Kohl's can sell sweaters for a dollar and make up the loss by selling a high volume of them.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and it began under Journal Communications, made a mistake when they got behind this dog Walker and promoted him to higher and higher levels of office.

Scott Walker's political career should have been over when he killed a boy going to Summerfest because Walker wanted to grandstand about budgets. He refused to do necessary and important maintenance. Milwaukee Journal cover that up and flushed it down the memory hole, but the family didn't forget, and neither should voters.

Scott Walker promotes himself and he will kill people to do it. He is actually hurting people and killing with his irresponsible transportation and highway policies. Having the worst highways in America certainly does contribute to accidents including fatalities.

But then again, killing people to score political points is something Scott Walker has a track record of doing even if the state media will not tell you the truth about it.