Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Why take him back?

Walker lays it on thick when retelling his talking-point enriched tale about learning to love Wisconsin all over again by attending 77 closed, taxpayer-paid 'listening sessions' after his first-to-last plummet in pre-Iowa caucus polling:
“In that time I had at the end of the presidential, I just — I realized how much I enjoyed being governor,” Walker said in an interview.
I knew someone who dumped a spouse for someone thought to be more appealing.

After a few ego-gratifying months, the wayward, unreliable and basically-full-of-sh*t spouse came crawling back, and even went to a few listening counseling sessions before the spouse who'd been dumped and dissed said. 'leave for good.'


Anonymous said...

He is saying that he took those free flights to have town hall "style" meetings with citizens in an open forum. The truth is he was meeting with donors for invitation only meetings.

If these were truly town hall meetings or listening sessions there would be notes. There would be recordings. There would be large pieces of paper to facilitate participant input. There would be something to record what was talked about so Walker could take it back and analyze it.

Where are the notes? Did any reporters ask for them? Did they ask for recordings? If these were truly public sessions, those notes and recordings would be public because what Scott Walker says and does when engaging with citizens in meetings is public information. It isn't a secret. So, reporters, where are notes?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Bingo. If taxpayers paid for the "listening sessions", taxpayers should be able to,get records of information and attendees.

Same goes for Schimel's shameless "school safety photo ops" where he's handing out money right before the election...3 months after schools needed the money.