Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Exposed: Walker dissembling, coverup of Lincoln Hills youth abuse

A Wausau television station has obtained email records which show Walker giving information which is somewhere between misleading and dishonest about his slothful response to and level of involvement in quashing a probe into allegations of violence against youth inmates at the state-run Lincoln Hills young offenders' prison.

More about the Lincoln Hills humanitarian crisis which festered and spread on his watch, here.

I note Walker's "to my knowledge, no" denial of having earlier awareness of conditions at Lincoln Hills or a direct role in cancelling an outside facility review is very similar to his "not to my knowledge" denial of knowing about a $700,000 donation an iron mining official sent to the Walker 2012 recall campaign through a mechanism Walker had suggested.

The mining company's donations eventually reached a reported $1.2 million; the mine was never built.

All you can say about about Governor Pants on Fire is that a good talking point is hard to give up, and a history of evasive speech  - - updated - - and updated, again! - - is impossible to evade.

But can be voted out.


Anonymous said...

I hope we can make it one more week. If Evers wins I plan to protest in front of the Executive Residence carrying a sign that says "Get Out" until Evers is sworn in.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Notice Walker looking clammier and paper than usual recently (which is saying something)?

That, and the fact that some "Walker is a bad guy and incompetent" story seems to be coming out every day indicates to me that the real polls are showing that Scotty's increasingly likely to be looking for his first real job in a week.

No matter what absurd pro-R electorate Charles Franklin makes up tomorrow, the actions are speaking volumes right now. Just finish the job folks!

Anonymous said...

While Walker does dissemble & lie, be doesn't actually coverup anything. For that you need made media. PolitiFact has been on a mission to rehab his overwhelmingly mostly-false to pants-on-fire ratings be analyzing meaningless and vague Walker claims as Mostly True and dishonestly rating Evers statements as Mostly False just because MJS chooses his most vague statements.

When Walker says something MJS rates it as mostly true as they make any assumption needed to falsely justify a True rating. Evers, hypocritically, also has been getting bogus PolitiFact ratings, but when MJS picks statements that they deem as not precise with enough details and then rates his statements as Mostly False.

Walker has not needed to cover this or anything else as MJS leads the right wing echo chamber catapulting his propaganda and barely mentioning important stories except as a one-and-done, flushing Walker's many failing down the memory hole and banishing important ongoing news from any future coverage.

Please get out and vote as the usual Walker shills are setting up his 3rd term.