Wednesday, October 10, 2018

8 questions about a Schimel-for-AG television ad

So many questions about a pro-Brad Schimel TV commercial. Is there time enough before Nov. 6th to get some answers?

1. Why is attention called in the ad to his purported leadership in finally getting untested rape kits processed when he dragged his feet ending the backlog as election approached;

2. Why is he filmed coming out of a Waukesha County Courthouse, where he  hasn't been District Attorney for years;

3. A county in which it was documented that Schimel let at least 26 rape kits sit untested, as the Appleton Post-Crescent reported:

As Waukesha County district attorney, Brad Schimel allowed at least 26 rape kits to remain untested, adding to a statewide backlog he is now vowing to clear out as Wisconsin attorney general.
4. Can you fool an entire electorate?

5. Also - - don't the producers of the ad have money film him leaving the Department of Justice in Madison? 

6. Oh, would it show coordination with the candidate? Or too political? For this AG? 

Who spoke up for his good friend Scott Pruitt, Trump's blatantly partisan and now-disgraced former EPA administrator, and who repeatedly sued the Obama administration, or gives who corporations a pass when they need it:
As One Wisconsin Now recently put it: 
Another Republican Attorney General Not Named Brad Schimel Goes to Court to Hold Opioid Manufacturer Accountable
But Schimel had no problem spending state money and staff time galore suing the Obama administration repeatedly to roll back clean air and water public health rules, or to uphold the state's blatant, pro-GOP gerrymandering...
And who just today got called out by a large number current and former DOJ attorneys for running an office in an excessively partisan manner?

7. Is Schimel homesick?

8. Or do Schimel backers believe Republican voters need a 'Waukesha good' subliminal message to gin up his turnout? I'm partial to that one.
Anybody got some answers? 
Schimel ad screenshot. 10/19/18

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