Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wisconsin man always on TV doesn't know how they work

[Updated from 10/3/18]

Our poor Governor. 

Always on television - -

- - but doesn't know what they're for..

Scott Walker says he didn't hear Donald Trump mocking accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh
A better headline on today's story, perhaps:
Scott Walker has picked up Brett Kavanaugh's unfamiliarity with truth-telling
And by the way, Walker should know that images and events on TV are often recorded and repeated for the record:

Final thought:

Walker also said this Kavanaugh business was all some sort of federal issue out of his bailiwick, much the way he said he nothing to say about Trump snatching and jailing migrant kids at the border

After all, it doesn't rise to the level, of say, is my favorite on the frozen custard menu today so I can Tweet and comment on it?


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