Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Walker's 8-year war on Wisconsin's environment: Part 3; mining, big business and $.

This 21-part retrospective series I'd promised will run with daily updates, ending prior to the Nov. 6 election. This is Part 3.

It's important to note the disgraceful process which led to the passage of a sweetheart iron mining bill which Walker pushed

He ignored the damage it would have done to the Bad River watershed, tribal wild ricing estuaries and fresh water supplies in northwest Wisconsin. 

The project's special-interest focus and favors for out-of-state corporations at the expense of local residents and the Wisconsin environment certainly presaged the Foxconn deal.

And while the mine was never built because even the company understood the area was too saturated to excavate - - and the Bad River band's treaty protections were likely insurmountable - - the bill that enabled the project right up to core drilling and nearby forest closings remains on the books.

And speaking of what was presaged - - it was later disclosed that the always well-heeled Walker had quietly helped company interests route more than $700,000 to his recall election campaign.
* December 14, 2011:
Mining hearing a public policy low water mark 
I have attended public meetings for roughly 40 years - - often as a journalist or public official - -  and I have never seen a hearing as flagrantly disrespectful to citizens and policy-making, and to the entire notion of The Wisconsin Idea - - broadly defined as Wisconsin government existing to serve the people  - -  as the State Assembly committee session held at State Fair Park Wednesday on the fast-tracked mining bill. 
This was the series' Part 2, October 16, installment. 


Unknown said...

Thank you for compiling this information. It's important to track and record all the many instances of malfeasance. This is important work. Thank you!

James Rowen said...

You are welcome.