Sunday, October 14, 2018

21-day Walker/environmental retrospective begins Monday here

Early warning:

I'll be re-posting a blog item a day here for 21 days beginning Monday, Oct. 15 - - and ending Sunday, Nov. 4th, or two days before election day - - to document  much of why Scott Walker should not be inflicted on the Wisconsin environment for another four years.

It won't be a complete list by any means, and may not mesh with yours, but by Nov. 4th I'll have cobbled together a collection of posts which will show what's happened since Walker was elected to our rivers, lake, wetlands, streams, groundwater, land, air and key policies, programs and principles.

I'll model it on the Foxconn archive, but it won't be that complete. 

I'll include with each day's post the link to the previous day's post so you work you way back one item at a time. I'll put the whole thing together, too.

And it will be in rough chronological order, unless I change my mid.

Feel free to consult the blog index in the box at the upper left for additional items, and add more materials and links as comments. Lamentably, there is a lot to remember and sort through.

And it would be great if others put together pre-election day collections or summaries of different major issue areas, like health care, education, worker rights, voting rights, taxes, spending, transportation, and so on, so readers and voters can have multiple researched guides to look at and circulate before the ballots are counted.

More later.

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