Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pence takes WI from climate science to science fiction

I have to believe that all the attention paid to Scott Walker's obstruction of climate science while the state suffers through repeated heavy rain events without preparation as the planet warms is responsible for the world-class garbage Vice-President Mike Pence threw out in Green Bay
As families in the Florida Panhandle braced for Hurricane Michael, Pence told reporters at the airport that Walker’s response to severe storms that caused damage and flooding across Wisconsin over the last six weeks is just one example of why Walker deserves a third term as governor.  
“Wisconsin saw firsthand a few short weeks ago the impact of heavy rain and flooding on families and communities,” Pence said. “Gov. Walker led the state with his usual strength and hands-on leadership through that.”
This would be like praising Walker as the Fresh Dirt King for all the wetland filling he's enabling at the Foxconn site, and elsewhere.

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