Sunday, October 14, 2018

8 retweets in 6 hours; looks like Walker voter/social media fatigue

Not much social media reaction to this Walker Saturday evening tweet. Maybe voters are tired of the shameless co-optation of Wisconsin sports teams, not to mention his condescending fixation with frozen custard and other Wisconsin food:

Eating away the pain of a loss with cheese curds in Superior. Hoping for a victory!


Anonymous said...

So he flew to Superior on the taxpayer's dime for this political stunt. This man is such a MORON!

Anonymous said...

Does Walker or his tRumpian base have any idea how stooopid it looks to fly around the state campaigning abusing taxpayers and then tweeting pictures of crappy food, melting ice cream, and ham sandwiches?

And how insane is it to fly around the state on the taxpayers dime and tweet pictures of crumpled and greasy lunch bags as if you are some type of working joe?

Remember folks and please remind everyone you know that this is the fool who thought he be president by doubling-down on tRump's wall proclaiming he would build it and one all along US/Canadian border too (the longest border between any countries by far, much of it in the middle of Great Lakes).

He is a buffoon and makes thw entire state look dumb.

James Rowen said...

There's a bus tour, but I do not know if a plane is part of the transportation.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Seriously, wasn't Scotty tweeting all over the place the day before about his father's burial (which is cool), then had Scotty show himself in a Brewers outfit and claim his Dad would be rooting on the Crew (NOT cool).

Almost makes his grief seem like crocodile tears, doesn't it?