Monday, October 8, 2018

Plane truth: Scottholes awareness propelled to new heights

I'd noted a few weeks ago that Walker probably goes everywhere by state airplane, even on a 24-mile trip, because state roads are pockmarked with Scottholes, so I was tickled to see this new artwork.
Scott-Holes: Of Course I Flew, Have You Seen Our Roads?

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Anonymous said...

The roads are bad, but he can't be bothered with us little Wisconsin peons. After all, Walker can't run for President when he has to waste his valuable time with state business.

He told the national media, in 2015, that teachers and workers standing up peacefully for their rights were just like ISIS.

Ungratefuls, the whole lot. They should have been happy with their "haircuts" and jumped on the "Walker for President" bandwagon.

And then there's that wall along the longest contiguous border in the world between Canada and the US.

Wisconsinites should have been grateful to keep those back bacon boxers out - but we didn't all fawn over him.

Walker demands to be treated lime god - no surprise other - he claimed god told him to run for President, crash and burn as a candidate, and then told him to drop out so that a serial sexual abusers and liar could take his place on the thrown.

What more people need to realize is that its not just workers, women, average taxpayers, children, the elder & informed, and anyone that is not a billionaire that Walker disdain. He sees the public as marks that propel his Koch-act to successively higher offices and ultimately into his pre-ordained seat on the throne in the White House.