Saturday, October 20, 2018

Scott Walker, weird jersey boy

So which is odder:

Walker with his own name on a Brewers T-shirt with Chacin's number 45 (yeah, I know, Walker's the 45th Governor of Wisconsin), or wearing the T-shirt in Green Bay, where another sports franchise is rather well known.

Actually, he should, out of loyalty, always wear Cubs gear, given the $5 million Cubs owner Joe Ricketts gave Walker in 2015.

Just a thought, since he put these images on Twitter.

My other thought is that he's going to have so stay on his bus if he's coming back to Madison this evening because I don't think the state's small planes are ideal when we've got an all-daytime wind advisory.

Might he be made Scotthole aware today?
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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Tucked-in jersey with brutal Dad jeans. Total sports fan, that Scotty!

Do you think he could name anyone on the '82 team not named Monitor, Young, Gantner, or Fingers? What a pandering dope.

Anonymous said...

Marquette Law Poll says we don't care about crappy roads, the damage they do to our cars, and the higher risk for accidents, injuries, and fatalities. This is a bold-faced lie and a tell.

If you want change, please get out and vote. The discrepancy between NBC poll and MLP, given what we have seen in every election since 2011, appears to indicate our nonsecure, non-verifiable, and closed voter registration and election systems can award a close election to Walker. It looks like the right-wing money that funds Franklin is banking on shenanigans.

They can flip 2-3% of votes and no one will say boo. We need a large margin of victory than 6%

Joe R said...

Are we sure all those boos last night were for Manny Machado?

Minnesconsin Tom said...

Speaking of wierd shirts, that guy in green takes the cake: “Scott Walker, My Hero.” I’ll bet he has a life-size poster on his bedroom wall that he blows kisses to every night.

It’s easy to surround yourself with smiling bootlickers in your campaign headquarters in Green Bay, Governor. I dare you to wear that Milwaukee jersey in Milwaukee.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I'd love to hear why that tool thinks Scott Walker is hero-worthy. And especially without these conditions.

1. You can't say "because he stuck it to THOSE PEOPLE." That doesn't help you get better.

2. You're not a member of the "inner circle" that gets tax-funded handouts via WEDC, voucher payments, or other GOP scams.

I bet that piece of trash couldn't come up with a FACT-based reason that doesn't fall under 1 or 2.

I blame that pandering grifter of a Guv for the Game 7 loss, especially given that he wore a jersey THAT WAS ALL ABOUT HIMSELF (as usual).

Chris said...

Scott Walker will never be cool, no matter how hard he tries.