Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wisconsin man hopes for bites on his lures

To more state millions for I-94, some county roads, schools, health care stabilization, Kimberly-Clark and a fall shoppers' sales tax holiday, add prisons to Walker's Campaign Desperation Spend-O-Rama:
. announces $25-45 million for five new technical training centers in Wisconsin prisons.

If he's not careful, there won't be enough money left to gas up the state planes.
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Anonymous said...

I like the series of Walker posts, fact-based, always context, and you are not falling into the trap of assuming Walker will lose because of this. It is much better to continue to highlight why change is needed and motivate people to vote.

Breaking news: Marist poll has Evers up 53/43 - ten points!

Marquette Law Poll just released a bogus poll paid for by the out-of-state multinational billionaiees the fund Scott Walker that claims its a dead heat/toss up. They had to oversample republicans to get these numbers and astonishingly claim that fully 10% of Tammy Baldwin's supporters will cross-over and vote Walker.

If people get out and vote and id we had open, free, transparent, and verifiable elections; then I would expect to see something close to Marist's poll and Walker losing.

But given that I have carefully watched MLP play this game before and their results always trend GOP towards election day and then voter suppression kicks in, the non-transparent and inverifiable recorded vote totals give the election to Walker.

I hope no one is doing any gloating or happy dances based on the Marist Poll. I hope people remember the fiasco here in 2016 when Trump was awarded Wisconsin even though the media mocked his chances to win the White House.

I am willing to bet that Evers does not and cannot win by 10 points. However, if Marist's data is accurate and people actually vote, the margin indicated by Marist may make it impossible for Walker to win via voter suppression and other anomalies.

If Russia is sitting out this cycle, after being demonstrably active in 2016, it is likely that Evers can win.