Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Expose of GOP-run WI Justice Dep't echoes mission loss at GOP-run WI DNR

I urge people to read this strong Capital Times story disclosing crumbling morale and lost mission at the Wisconsin Department of Justice run by GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel.
Morale ‘extremely bad and sinking’ at DOJ, say ex- and current employees, citing management, partisanship and pay
This section, among several, caught my eye:
“Under Brad Schimel, the Attorney General’s office has been politicized and turned into a right wing law firm. Nothing demonstrates this better than his re-establishment of the Solicitor General’s Office to bring politically motivated, federal lawsuits that hurt the people of the state of Wisconsin, including attacking patients in the Affordable Care Act and environmental protections,” [State Rep. Chris] Taylor, [D] said.
Tom Dawson agrees with the Taylor’s sentiment, particularly the comments about the environment. He left the DOJ in 2016 after 37 years there prosecuting businesses that polluted the environment, and he has been outspoken in his criticism of the agency’s handling of those cases. 
The Cap Times piece echoes many of the same issues I laid out in this blog item about the Wisconsin DNR, and which I have updated since its first posting in 2016: 
Inside the WI DNR: poor morale, fear, despair over lost mission
Insiders, experts explain WI GOP's damage to the environment
Waterway pollution in WI skyrockets during Walker, GOP reign 

The common thread is a shared GOP 'chamber of commerce mentality' playbook adhered to and implemented by Walker and Schimel on behalf of donors, corporations and especially industries which need regulation to ensure public health and safety.

The elections are four weeks away. Dedication to the public interest can be restored.

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