Monday, March 2, 2015

Sloppy headline about Walker "liked" by Facebook

The story says Facebook counted all mentions on Facebook of Walker in a given period and found he rated tops among all GOP presidential hopefuls, but on Facebook, to "like" usually means an affirmation, so if Facebook is counting all likes, posts, shares and comments about Walker, I'll bet a lot of them were negative comments on negative status posts and do not support the implication of the headline:

Scott Walker 2016: Ripped by Rolling Stone, liked by Facebook

What I see in the headline and story was effort to balance out the number that might make Walker look good the mention of a no-holds-barred slam at Walker in Rolling Stone about which there is no ambiguity.

And, yes, I see the headline says "'liked' by Facebook," not "liked on Facebook," but given the foundational use of "like" on Facebook, I think, at best, the headline is confusing.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

typical mjs propaganda

CJ said...

Alll it means is Scott Walker is a hot topic. A tally number.

I like a lot of posts with Scott Walker as the subject. And they all highlight his negative aspects and the destructive things he's doing to our state.

And that's a lot of "likes".