Thursday, March 12, 2015

Walker lies about unsealing his college records

Why does he continue to do this - - adding to his record of falsehoods about how many credits he'd earned, how close he was to graduation, the timing of his marriage, fatherhood to dropping out, etc. - - about his early withdrawal from Marquette University?

Why is "false" his #1 PolitiFact rating? With his "pants on fire" ratings, the fully false ratings outnumber fully "true" 3:1.

Why do we tolerate this repeated Walkeropathy.

Update: And, for God's sake, here's another one, filled with manipulations of everyone from Nancy Reagan to everyday voters in multiple states. This is getting serious.


my5cents said...

Yes, I read that earlier today. Pants on fire once again. Why or how would any intelligent person think that allowing the college officials to comment on your record was the same as releasing your transcripts. I still can't believe people voted this man to be our governor twice.

Anonymous said...

Why does Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continue to endorse him?

The real question isn't why Walker lies, it's why the media accepts this and promotes him anyhow.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Correct. The given is that Walker will make things up, but for the media to let this charade go on is the real problem.

Don't blame the grifter, blame the enablers and the marks

kjbe said...

More lies? Good grief, Charlie Brown.