Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tracking Walker's march into the ethical Big Muddy

You could say that Walker's path to politics began at Boys State, or you could say, 'hey, what happened?' - - and track his route from The Road of Good Intentions and an Eagle Scout award to that of an alleged Milwaukee County Executive 'reformer' with big ethics goals - - and then off-course as a County Executive with a secret email system and sleazy staffers. to a Governor awash in secret money and now a national campaigner financed by filthy lucre and driven by an out-of-control, self-awareness-free ego.

I'd say the best documented turning point is that right-wing summit at which he was anointed which his right-wing handlers bragged about in 2013.

Here's a broader road map.


Anonymous said...

queation to you, Sir. Using the search function at jsonline and using only key words "scott walker;" what recent story is missing?

Anonymous said...

I would guess the Menard's story but I didn't look.