Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The questions that Walker is ducking today

Imaginary news conference with Walker, though he's in South Carolina Thursday and Friday where his handlers will keep him far away from anything unscripted:

'Any comment on your role in that controversial campaign aide's hiring and resignation?

'Any comment on GOP leaders saying your UW budget is on "life-support?"

'Any comment on critics from the right unhappy with your decision to let your campaign aide 'resign?'

'Any comment on your budget's hit to school districts where voters supported you last fall?

'Any comment on your former senior Milwaukee County aide's failed felony conviction appeal, and is your use of private email as had as Hillary Clinton's, or worse?

'Any comment on the published report that your budget cuts the very rural assistance programs you touted to Iowans?

'Any comment on opposition from groups representing more than 200,000 hunters, anglers and outdoors' enthusiasts to your budget's cuts to DNR science positions and state parks funding?

'Any comment on the $48 million in tax and fee increases in your budget?'


Anonymous said...

I think, "is your use of private email as [b]ad as Hillary Clinton's, or worse?" is exactly what Walker would want us to ask. It's a false equivalency that is greatly in his favor.

There's no comparison between Clinton's use of a private email account, which was completely legal and something done by all Secretaries of State before her, and Walker setting up a secret router and using private accounts specifically to evade campaign finance laws.

I think that bringing up Clinton just adds to the "both sides do it" trope, and muddies the waters.

James Rowen said...

I think you missed the joke.

Sue said...

I'm waiting for someone to ask:
Who would make a better president, someone who knows all the mischief his subordinates are up to, or someone who doesn't?

Anonymous said...

Walker's reply to all of these probing questions would be: "None of this will matter. The usual media outlets that have catapulted me into higher-and-higher public offices despite a record of failure will take care of these issues.

Ask me whatever you want, the media will only print my talking points anyhow.

Jonathan Swift said...

No comment!

Anonymous said...

Face it, Walker will win in 2016. His corporate financiers are making sure, lining his coffers legally and illegally with monopoly money. We all know Walker has broken laws with utter disregard, even
rubbing it in our face via his propaganda machine
and media on the take from our quid pro quo
Governor. Walker will be put in the hot seat by the
Clinton machine. Letting Walker's ego grow like an
uncurable cancer leaves him vunerable. And
Clinton, like it or not, will fight fire with fire. This
time she has nothing to lose - 2016 is it for her. I be
t she is going to pull pages from Scott Walker's
playbook and he will never see it coming. Hillary
plays dirty like Walker, and with nothing to lose,
Scott Walker is going to face an intellectual FEMALE that our limited IQ Governor will not be able to handle. Walker is so focused on beating his GOP rivals, he has no idea what Hillary has in store for him. And hopefully Walker keeps bad mouthing his GOP competition as you never know who might be leaking info to Hillary. Walker is hated by Democrats and people in his own party. And sooner or later, he will have to drag Tonette out to functions - I bet he has a makeover lined up for his wife who is 12 years older. Tonette does not campaign well - she looks uncomfortable in Walker's political world. I feel sorry for her.