Thursday, March 19, 2015

How much does Walker campaigning cost WI taxpayers?

My back-of-the-envelope, tip-of-the-iceberg conservative cost calculation state taxpayers are picking up so Walker and a state security detail (salary and benefits) can travel on pre-presidential campaign trips to South Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, Washington, DC, New York, Tennessee and California: at least $1,000-a-day.

I'm probably missing some trips, or expenses not covered by his exploratory campaign committee - - whatever those might be - - and certainly there will be a bigger bill (airfares, hotels, means, side trips) for Walker's so-called apolitical trade mission to London.

Which like many things WEDC-related appears to have been a bust.

How this does not violate the Wisconsin's ethics code prohibition about obtaining something of personal value from state resources is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

It does violate the law. So did coordinating campaign financing as did Walker's illegal secret email system and the campaigning on the taxpayer's dime for which people went to jail.

But Scott Walker is no mere mortal. He's a Republican god, blessed by Saint Ronnie and the Reagan Bible. Laws are not meant for those that for the Koch brother's bidding.

Laws only apply to pissants and the rubes that vote for the likes of Walker. If you don't like it, write s letter to the media that publishes his campaign's talking points, covers up the criminality, and endorses him.

Anonymous said...

How much?

Billions and billions.

Direct and indirect costs, Wisconsin is now a kick la for failed trickle down policies, pay-to-play, and privatization scams. and you can't put a figure on the ugly divisiveness.

And if the media succeeds in catapulting him onto the White House, billions and billions more.