Monday, March 23, 2015

'Regular Joe' Gov. Walker hits WI Regular Joes with taxes, fees, costs

Walker, a comfy suburbanite with a $12,000-a-month salary, high-end benefits and public pensions earning through more than 30 years of service, has grafted the preposterously phony image of 'Regular Joe' onto his new, campaign persona.

Give me a break.

*  Walker's current budget raises state park entrance and overnight camping fees for Wisconsin's Regular Joes, Janes and the kids.

*  Additional vehicle fees or taxes, or demands for higher income taxes could be needed as Walker rewards his road-builders friends with a proposed $1.3 billion in fresh borrowings - - somebody, someday has to pay all that interest - -  and his Public Service Commission waited until the 2014 election was safely in the bag to raise mandatory residential users' utility monthly fixed charges statewide from 77%-to-83%.

*  And lower-income working families and some elderly, lower-income homeowners had their taxes raised in Walker's first, 'no-tax-increase' budget by $49.4 million, despite his protestations to the contrary, said the non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

People have to stop promoting and buying what Walker is selling.

A comprehensive blueprint, here.


Anonymous said...

Remember when he said that his wife told him if he went to the private sector he could make "real money?" This was shortly after he called public employees the "haves."

Anonymous said...

It isn't "people" that are promoting Walker in this shameless way. It is corporate media outlets.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has run a puff pro-Walker piece falsely holding him up as a hero to the working class each day now.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's series, "Path to 2016" is a shameless attempt to portray Walker as presidential timber because he is a cross between humble Abe Lincoln and Son of God Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Unfortunately, this tripe has nothing to do with the "people" and everything to do with the corporate media that created Wisconsin's divisive political environment and then used it to launch Scott Walker into a series of successively more powerful offices.

And now they are working to catapult him into the White House.

Corporations are not people, my friend. The media's constant promotion of Scott Walker has nothing to do with the "people".

Bernadette said...

Need to check out this article about The Club for Growth and Walker-Isikoff wrote on Yahoo. Excellent piece.

Anonymous said...

"Regular Joe", now a multimillionaire and beneficiary of tens-of-millions of dollars in contributions out-of-state multinational corporate interest & billionaires who illegally coordinated tens-of-millions of these funds, wants to stick it (perhaps more appropriate termed "drop the bomb) to the rubes that voted for him.

Thanks for using quotes when expressing "regular joe" because this meme, manufactured by the MJS series "Path to 2016" is one of the most offensive series of lies I have ever read. It's being picked up by other media across the state either in its entirety or they are rewriting the talking points.

The public doesn't like sociopathic liars and will not support Walker if his lies are exposed, however, doing so requires some integrity on the part of the media. In-state, the media has entirely failed us and is leading the national cheerleading effort to put Walker in the White House.

There are some national writers and outlets that are looking at the truth and even telling parts of the real story. Is it enough? The see of national media is deep and truthful reports about the lies that Walker is a "regular joe" will be buried by the larger narrative is we don't screech the truth to all that can hear it.

It is so disturbing and disappointing that in-state media now wants to directly publish the Walker campaign's talking points via series titled "Path to 2016". This type of dishonest reporting resulted in Paul Ryan being branded a "policy wonk" and "numbers guy", all lies.

The propaganda was effective. It landed Ryan a spot on the 2012 ticket. It was only through the highly-energized actions of people across Wisconsin and America that we don't have a Liar-In-Chief Mitt Romney and his sidekick, the eternally dishonest Eddy Ryan Monster as VP.

The folks that promoted the Romney/Ryan sham likely learned some lessons. They have the perfect tool to promote for 2016, Scott Walker.