Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Whaaaaat? Scott Walker accused of breaking fund-raising law?

The New York Times reports that Walker and three other 2016 presidential hopefuls' unofficial campaigns are already running afoul of fundraising laws:
 ...two leading campaign finance groups charged on Tuesday that the spread of these unofficial campaigns in recent months was not only deceptive, but also illegal.
The groups, the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21, filed formal complaints with the Federal Election Commission against four undeclared candidates for president: Jeb BushScott Walker and Rick Santorum, all Republicans; and Martin O’Malley, a Democrat...
...those four have been particularly aggressive in appearing at fund-raisers, visiting crucial states like Iowa and New Hampshire, hiring staff members and setting up offices, and positioning themselves for a possible bid, Paul S. Ryan, a lawyer for the center, said in an interview. 
Not Walker. I'm sure he learned his lesson.

Who do you think he is - - Kelly Rindfleisch?


Sue said...

The lesson he has learned is that someone always steps up to protect him from his own actions. And usually succeeds.
The word 'impunity' comes to mind.

CJ said...

Off topic but shareworthy=

James Daley has a massive conflict of interest going into the WI Supreme Court race. He is a defendant in John Doe II


Anonymous said...

Laws Schmaws!

If Scott Walker is good enough for WTMJ4, WTMJ-AM, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the vast majority of Wisconsin editorial endorsements, he should be good enough for you.

Raven said...

@ CJ :

Silly rabbit, "conflict of interest" and "recusal" don't apply to conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices — only to the liberal or progressive ones!

"If it is a legal donation [from a party in the case], [a Justice] should not have to step aside," James P. Daley says.