Monday, March 23, 2015

Voter ID OK a right-wing win, blow to democracy

Though the WI Attorney General is saying voter ID will not be required in the April 7th election, the US Supreme Court's approval of the law today means it will be firmly in place for the 2016 presidential election. What a sick way to 'honor' the recent 50th anniversary of the March on Selma and the approval, paid for in blood, of the US Voting Rights Act.


Anonymous said...

James; normally I'm a fatalist relative to the power that Walker and his Republicans have garnered here in Wisconsin. But it is becoming abundantly clear that Walker has abandoned Wisconsin and his Republicans are left with a budget that continues to diminish the well being of the majority of Wisconsinites and sells our state to special interests who buy government from our Republican legislators. BETWEEN NOW AND 2016 MORE AND MORE PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP TO WHAT WALKER AND FRIENDS ARE DOING TO WISCONSIN AND neither voter I D nor gerrymandering will keep voters from throwing the Republicans from office. I think we will see the same thing nationally as Ryan and the Republican Congress continue to cut everything that benefits average Americans and gives continued tax breaks to the top 1%. There will be a voter revolt as more and more people feel the hits in their wallets and they will look around and realize that the majority of us are being screwed while our government has been purchased by corporate interests. By 2016 enough will be enough and the middle and working class will stand with the less fortunate to demand that all Americans deserve a fair shake and that the playing field be leveled by throwing the incumbents out of office!

Sue said...

A Dem senator or congressperson needs to introduce a bill linking ID issuance and automatic voter registration. If this isn't about voter suppression, then automatic voter registration at the DMV and perhaps other 'approved' sites seems like a logical followup.
I'd call my own reps, but Washington County voters don't elect Democrats.