Friday, March 13, 2015

Sunspots cloud judgment of Wisconsin plastics magnate

More proof that sunspots have consequences right here on flat earth. A RoJo alert:
Sen. Ron Johnson Kind Of Regrets GOPers Sending Iran Letter


Anonymous said...

Ron doesn't think the world is flat. You even if you had a legitimate take on this, you undermine your point with the flat earth stuff.

Besides, we all make treasonous mistakes from time-to-time. Why can't you let him walk this back?


my5cents said...

My only comment about anything Senator Johnson says or does is that you can't fix stupid. People who just go along to get along have no soul, no personal convictions, and no sense of self. When did what a person really stands for become unimportant in electing our representatives. Why is everyone so quick to jump on the latest talking point band wagon. Why not dig a little deeper to see who a person really is?

nonheroicvet said...

We have great universities that have trained many of the world's leaders. Then we elect representatives too stupid to deal with them.