Friday, March 13, 2015

Asking the key Walker questions

[Updated from 11:47 a.m.] The issues raised by and about Scott Walker's history, behavior and current presidential ambition are extensive and troubling, but the questions they raise are simple. This isn't meant to be a comprehensive list - - and note, also the long list of national media covering Walker's most recent tall tale - -  but it's a start at assessing what are clearly not rookie mistakes, as the presidential run is Walker's 14th campaign:

*  What kind of Governor speaks untruthfully with such ease - - two new cases exposed just yesterday - - that "false" is his #1 PolitiFact rating, and, with his "pants on fire" ratings combined, outnumber fully "true" ratings by a ratio of 3-to-1?

* What kind of Governor repeatedly touts his religious and Eagle Scouting backgrounds, yet is so untrustworthy that a respected Republican business leader would openly criticize that Governor for governing by bombshell and surprise? 

* What kind of a Governor would profess to love the poor, yet then use his power to administer, legislate or further propose that their food stamp or health-care access be limited, cut or made contingent on mandatory drug testing already ruled illegal elsewhere, then suddenly move to upend long-term health-care arrangements for the home-bound disabled after having already added three taxes against their already meager incomes - - and deny that the taxes he added were taxes?

*  What kind of a Governor would imagine himself publicly capable of fighting ISIS or confronting Vladimir Putin on the strength of dealing with legal protests by nurses, teachers and other Wisconsin citizens, and then, during the same, self-serving public appearance, and despite a record of unprecedented environmental hostility - - including redirecting the Department of Natural Resources away from climate change agenda - -  tell a little boy that the way to fight climate change was cleaning up your campsite?

*  What kind of a Governor switches positions so shamelessly once his focus is national and not the on the state which he still serves, and whose voters pay his salary, and re-elected him on some of those positions he has now suddenly overthrown?

*  What kind of Governor would bring Nancy Reagan into a tall tale of his creation for no reason other than to inflate his self-importance?

Walker is the wrong person in which voters should invest another molecule of governmental authority.


Sue said...

We need media willing to ask questions and a citizenry interested in the answers.

Brendan said...

Sue, why should the citizens be interested in the questions the media asks if the media, even if they report this stuff, says it doesn't matter endorses Walker, and says we should vote for him anyhow.

my5cents said...

It doesn't matter what questions the media asks Walker. If he doesn't have a scripted answer they will get no answer anyway. I have watched the media ask him the same question over and over and all they ever got was the same scripted answer over and over. If it isn't scripted, he can't answer. He isn't smart enough. Can't wait to see him in a debate where he can't script his answers. Or, are those fully scripted too. They shouldn't be.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's well past time to start having people show up at these Walker events and shout in real questions to get him off-script.

Such as. "If your reforms worked so well, why are you still cutting education and aids to local services."

"Why did Wisconsin have the worst job growth in the Midwest during your first four years in office?"

"Why is your approval rating at 43% and dropping back home?"

And when he starts filibustering, keep following up. He'll implode quickly, and the rubes in Iowa and New Hampshire will move on to some other flavor of the month who might have an inkling of substance and truth in their statements

Anonymous said...

"What kind of governor?" Ans: A sociopathic governor. One with delusions of grandeur that are rewarded for advancing the RW/1%'er's agenda. One who is never held responsible for NOT answering the question. The press & public can ask all the salient questions and never get a straight answer. Sleaze & word salad is his modus operandi. Many folks esp the vulnerable ones will be hurt as Walker rolls. It happens even before we realize its happening. We need the justice department! We need to end this now (as in years ago)!

Raven said...

A weighty, sturdy, well-grounded anchor of a man — he should be called not "Walker" but "Wanchor"!