Thursday, March 26, 2015

Walker the war-monger

If President, he says he would end on Day One an Iran deal he didn't like.

Too unprepared and dangerous to be given that power.

The guy couldn't even manage the seizure of a pet fawn.


Anonymous said...

If Walker is a war-monger, what do you call the media outlets that have promoted him throughout his political career? What is the proper term for the columnists, journalists, and editors that publish all the pro-Walker articles and op-eds we've seen in Wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15

I'd also call them warm-mongers and corporate tools that have sold out to out-of-state multinational businesses interests & billionaires. Those that have promoted and endorsed Scott Walker did more to launch his political ambitions than Scott Walker himself.

On his own, he is just another dimwit with political ambitions that has no integrity, convictions, or ethics. He will promote whatever his financial backers want him to. He panders to what he sees as the ignorant teabagging base. On his own, he is not presidential timber and cannot even handle his role as Governor of Wisconsin.

But crank up the mighty wurlitzer and PRESTO! He is now the republican frontrunner for 2016.

If Walker gets into the White House, and he certainly could with the financial and media backing he has, and if he recklessly uses our military; those in the media that have falsely portrayed him as a "common joe", "Eagle Scout", and religious "son of a preacher" will have blood on their hands.

Sue said...

Isn't this the same guy who doesn't understand that 'boots on the ground' and 'surgical strike' are two completely different things?
And who has stated that God tells him what to do?
Maybe not unintimidated, but definitely unprepared.

Anonymous said...


Raven said...

"What is the proper term for the columnists, journalists, and editors that publish all the pro-Walker articles and op-eds we've seen in Wisconsin?"

Certainly not "the Fourth Estate"...

but "Fifth Columnists" ?

Anonymous said...

Eight years whining about bush. Now another eight on Walker. No criticism of the Obama administration can be found on any grounds. Somebody needs to volunteer or find a way to be part of society. What a waste of a life.

Marty Heinz said...

Such a short memory you have. Bush stuck America with endless wars, piled on more debt than you hero Ronnie raygun (who spent more than EVERY U.S. President COMBINED) and oversaw the collapse of the American and global economies.

George WALKER Bush left office in disgrace, MORE unpopular than Richard Nixon WHEN HE RESIGNED FROM OFFICE!

And you drive by here and post a his garbage!?!?!?

We need better trolls here.

Anonymous said...

This means that the two Walker boys will be strapping on boots, wearing fatigues, and picking up a weapon? Now that they have left college. What will their excuse for a deferment be?

Anonymous said...

Troll 11:01

Don't forget, George W Bush never was actually elected. In 2000 the SCOTUS appointed him, unbelievable (and fraudulently) ruling that you cannot determin who wins an election by actually counting the votes!

The republican-controled SCOTUS know their decision was corrupt, so they also proclaimed that there coronation of George W Bush could not be used as a precedence for any other decision.

In 2004, the election was stolen. By this time, W was rather unpopular so they needed more than the theft of Florida to do it. They flipped OH, Kerry was crushing Bush in the exit polls and lead the official tally until the tabulating computers (out-of-state) crashed. When they came back online, the results were not flipped and Bush was proclaimed the winner.

Stolen election have consequences. W never had a legitimate majority of the electorate. People rightfully resent having their government stolen.

And about those historic Bush deficits. They were much worse than we were told, even the bogus "official" record shows that under W the U.S. the debt increased more more than all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined.

Remember, Darth Vader Dick Cheney proclaimed that "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter."

One of the first things Obama did when REALLY ELECTED in a landslide victory, was put all the U.S. wars back on the books where they belonged, but make no mistake about this, there are all BUSH wars.

Even today, many key republicans state that the Bush name is too toxic for Jeb to successfully run for President. Even Scott Walker is saying essentially the same thing.

Economic data proves Scott Walker's austerity-for-you, massive public give-aways to out-of-state multinational corporations billionaires policies are failing. Job growth is in the toilet. Wisconsin's middle class is being decimated, more-so than in any other state. Criminal investigations are ongoing and to-date 6 top Walker associates have been convicted of crimes related to Walker's ascent to power.

You really can't make this pile of garbage smell good. Thanks for driving by and dumping your own special brand ot toxicity and lies into the thread!