Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GOP budget punitive privatization underway in Walker's Wisconsin

The kinds of unprincipled ideological attacks on Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps, along with more tax changes benefiting higher-income earners outlined in the latest Paul Ryan-GOP budget today are already underway to one degree or another in Scott Walker's Tea Party-captured Wisconsin. 

The GOP budget, according to The New York Times:
...partly privatizes Medicare, turns Medicaid into block grants to the states, repeals the Affordable Care Act and reaches balance in 10 years, challenging Republicans in Congress to make good on their promises to deeply cut federal spending. The House proposal leans heavily on the policy prescriptions that Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin outlined when he was budget chairman.
Partial privatization because under the plan, current Medicare recipients would remain under the federal government, single-payer plan, New recipients would all get vouchers for private insurance purchase.

If you want a preview of what a Walker presidency would do with Ryan at the controls in the budget-writing House of Representatives, connect these dots:

* Walker's budgets have included tax cuts with the biggest benefits at the higher end, and for businesses, while actually raising taxes on low-income residents.

* Walker has already thrown thousands of low-income Wisconsinites off BadgerCare. He has refused to expand it with available Medicaid and Obamacare funding - - even though that has increase costs to state taxpayers..

* His current, proposed state budget reduces lifetime receipt of Medicaid and food stamps from five years to four, and adds a mandatory drug-testing requirement.

* That budget also upends existing arrangements for home care for the long-term disabled and transfers treatment to private insurers.


Anonymous said...

Time to throw Wisconsin and its citizens under the bus, Walker is running for president you know...

To the fools that voted for him, you're going to get what you deserve. Too bad you have to drag the rest of us down too.

It would be nice if folks could vote to divide-and-conquer only their little sphere of the world. Walker is laughing at the Wisconsin rubes that voted for him and is now taking his divide and conquer national.

Anonymous said...

This has been discussed at length and yet, Walker still has strong, but declining support in this state. However, Walker's ego is now completely out of control. The benefit of that is cognitively challenged Walker will continue to tell untruthful stories and flip flop his positions to broaden his appeal. In addition, eventually Walker will have to debate and answer questions, which will open him up for scrutiny. We all know Walker doesn't like scrutiny nor inconvenient things like truth or facts getting out about him. Last, he is going to say appallingly stupid things regarding minorities and foreign policy. Appallingly enough that it will be perhaps the first humbling moment Walker has ever had in his psychopathic history in politics. If you thought Isis was bad, wait to see what destruction Walker will do
If he wins in 2016. Walker will eclipse Bush beyond anyone's imagination. GW Bush at least came from a well educated, well connected family he could consult - and he still screwed up royally. Now, imagine Walker, who has HALF the IQ of GW Bush, a control freak who has surrounded himself with young "yes" people, and has no one to keep him grounded except his well connected donors and his enabling radical Baptist Father. Walker win in 2016 will be absolute destruction of America as we know it.