Friday, March 27, 2015

WI DNR touts recycling; Walker again cuts the funding

It's another of these disconnects I've noted frequently: The DNR talks up a program - - this time, it's recycling - - while Walker's policy undermines the program or cuts its funding.

In his first budget, he proposed ending the state mandate that local governments operate recycling programs and further proposed eliminating all state recycling assistance to local governments.

The Legislature balked, though there were cuts that increased the burden on local taxpayers - - which is what local officials are saying is in store for their programs, again.

What a silly, stupid and insulting game.


Anonymous said...

I guess you can call it a disconnect, to me its outright lying.

Cathy Stepp said again this week

"These position and funding cuts will allow us to increase efficiency, better fulfill our mission, and provide superior customer service."

Obviously she considers anyone other than herself and Walker complete idiots to be fooled and lied too - we're expected to swallow this BS.

old baldy said...

If the cuts to the recycling program go through it will cost our local Towns and municipalities close to a $1 million a year to maintain the existing service. If we drop recycling completely our landfill life will be cut in half.

Recycling conserves virgin materials, keeps the landfills operating longer, and in the long run are a positive economic force in WI. What are these folks thinking, especially MsStepp, when they make such transparently ridiculous statements?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the issue with Walker/Stepp is one of being against recycling programs in general. This is a matter of revenge on those damn environmentalists who always want to ruin business opportunities, like iron and sand mines.