Monday, March 2, 2015

Media choke on fresh Walker word salad

ISIS fighter and part-time, or perhaps already ex-WI Governor Scott Walker turned a simple question of the day about immigration into an extra-large helping of word salad, and Greg Sargent at The Washington Post notes it didn't go down well:
To hear conservatives tell it, the question of whether Republicans are prepared to use Department of Homeland Security funding to fight President Obama’s executive deportation relief is a test of their resolve to combat Obama’s lawlessness. So you’d think the GOP presidential candidates would have a good answer when pressed on this.
Yet when Byron York posed that question to Scott Walker, he did not have a clear answer at all. First, Walker claimed that Congress “needs to find a way to fund homeland security,” but added that it’s understandable if lawmakers are reluctant to give up their leverage to “to push back on the president’s questionable, if not illegal, actions.” 
Asked whether Republicans should stand firm against Obama’s actions, or agree to fund Homeland Security independently of continuing the battle against them, Walker replied: 
“I think they have to figure out some way to have the bridge to continue to fund homeland security, but in a way that doesn’t remove their ability to come back sometime in the not too distant future if the court rules or if the administration changes how they do this action in a way that could be upheld in court. They need to have the power of the purse string to offer a counter to that.”
York asks: “What does that mean, exactly?” It’s a good question.  
Not the first time national media recently balked at what is routine for Walker in Wisconsin.


Keith Schmitz said...

Yeah, but this is national RIGHT WING media.

James Rowen said...

You might want to read the links. The liberal Wash Post columnist is responding to a very negative review of Walker in The Wash Examiner - - yes a conservative paper - - but overall, your point is off-the-mark.

Anonymous said...

What is "routine" in Wisconsin is the media publishes all of walker and Koch bro talking points with a few extra fluff and pure propaganda pieces thrown in to mislead.

Anonymous said...

Did everyone see his op-ed to the National Review? I am willing to bet he couldn't answer questions on it although it has his name on it .....if he wrote it he writes a heck of a lot better than he talks or thinks!

my5cents said...

Word salad doesn't even begin to describe that statement. It is nothing more than gibberish and is nothing substantial as usual. No real plan or leadership.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments on this article, mostly from progressives, informing the rest of the country on a national format.