Thursday, March 19, 2015

Job growth failing in WI, but will Walker backers care?

Wisconsin has fallen from 31st to 40th in job creation - - and jobs are being added here at only half the national rate, new data show - - further puncturing Walker's false narrative of achievement in the state where his defining and oft-repeated job-creation pledge is rated by PolitiFact a broken promise, but when do his publicists on the right start telling the truth to the devoted?

High-profile righty pundit Michelle Malkin ripped Walker for shedding a popular, conservative consultant who'd ranted online against  mainstream Iowa politics, but Malkin still repeats the fiction that Walker has "managed his state well."

Even a Washington Post political reporter says Walker's stump speech is nearly all about jobs - - so when does this uncritical media meme face reality?

When will media call Walker out over his premature release of cherry-picked and burnished numbers that repeatedly leave out the rich and negative data that follows?

We are told and shown over and over again that facts don't much matter on the right because what's in your heart or gut is more important.

But tumbling down into the bottom third of the states when adding jobs was Walker's signature promise has got to come to the attention of serious conservatives, somewhere.

Iowa may be the pork capital of American, but even conservatives there shouldn't buy a pig in the poke.

Or one that can't be fixed with lipstick, as Walker himself was fond of saying.


Anonymous said...

Love it. Walker just got the Wonkette treatment.

kjbe said...

State backers won't care, but nationally, it'll be a different story.

Anonymous said...

It will not matter nationally because:

1. National media is not and will not tell this story, just like the state media shielded Walker from accountability and even endorsed him knowing his failures and the criminality behind his ascent to power.

2. The Republicans on the 2016 clown car are not going to talk about it as they all stand for the same interests and economic terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Walker can put lipstick on this pig and the media will help him, both locally and nationally.

The real question is which end of the pig Walker needs to smear with lipstick.